This page is for content related to the courses Prof. John Gleaves teaches at Cal State Fullerton. If you are one of my students or just curious about what kind of stimulating fun goes on in my classes, feel free to explore. Also, if you are a student, be sure to check out my facebook and twitter page for info on the latest happenings in class. You can also find all course material on your TITANium account accessed through CSUF’s Portal

More on Philosophy of Human Movement (KNES 380). Who knows what kind of gems I might hide on there?

More on Advanced Study of the Philosophical Perspectives on Human Movement (KNES 516). Like the name says, it is an advanced version of my intro class (meaning it is for grad students).

If you are a fellow educator, please check out Prof. John Boyer’s website where he has made his innovative teaching style available. I am especially a fan of his flipped syllabus and his efforts to use technology and media to engage students and make education relevant. While philosophy and sport (and skills such as critical thinking) have been with us long before the internet, twitter and facebook, like books, these new media can increase our ability to share ideas and learn from one another. Sure there is tons of crap on the internet and some people fail to civilly engage each other, but on the flip side, when more people engage the internet as a means for serious, thoughtful discussion, I believe even Plato or Wittgenstein would be on board.

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