IAPS 2013 Philosophy of Sport Conference Comes to Fullerton

Racing towards IAPS 2103 September 4-8, at Cal State Fullerton

As many already know, Cal State Fullerton is hosting the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport’s annual conference. My colleague Dr. Matthew Llewellyn and I are hard at work preparing for the arrival of the world’s best sport philosophers. For more information visit iaps.fullerton.edu. For more information on what IAPS is about or how to get involved or order its journal, check out iaps.net. We are excited that three of Cal State Fullerton’s graduate students are presenting papers at IAPS.

Dr Llewellyn and I are also excited to be presenting our paper “Before the Rules are Written,” which explores moral ambiguity in sport rules. Current doping scholarship has focused on the current ban’s justification and the appropriate policies for enforcing such bans. Existing research, however, overlooks one small but revealing question: what to do when the situation is ambiguous? In past instances and in future cases, rules delineating prohibited from acceptable means of enhancement have not clearly addressed emerging performance enhancing technology. Examples range from blood transfusions to ultrafast swimsuits to potential undiscovered ways to modify performance. In such cases, even a sincere athlete may find the rules unclear and their ethical obligation uncertain. Our IAPS paper will attempt to navigate this issue by clarifying important aspects of morally ambiguous situations involving performance-enhancing substances (PESs).

For more information on the conference or questions, please email me at jgleaves@fullerton.edu or email@johngleaves.com


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